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Choosing the Right TEFL Certification Course

Choosing the Right TEFL Certification Course

Choosing the right TEFL certification course can be difficult. You may be asking yourself questions like:
Which course do I choose?
Do I really need a TEFL certificate?
What is a fair price to pay for a certification course?
Is an online course better than an in-class course or vise versa?

This is where I come in. This post is designed to answer all of the above questions and then some.

First, let’s get started with the basics.

Do I really need a TEFL certificate?

Not all countries require you to have a TEFL certificate to teach, however, I highly recommend it either way. If you’ve never had any experience teaching, getting up in front of a class with no idea how to conduct or plan a lesson would be hard.

What is a fair price to pay for a certification course?

You can pay anywhere from $90 on Groupon to $2,000 for a certification course. My overall rule of thumb with this is, you get what you pay for. $90 on Groupon may seem like a smokin’ deal and sure it may even get you a valid certification but in my opinion it won’t prepare you to teach properly or give you the right resources/knowledge to find a teaching job. In which case, why take the course at all? My point of taking a TEFL certification course in the first place is for it to teach you something of value.

However, that being said, just because it is a $2,000 course doesn’t guarantee it is a good one. Be sure to do some research on the company you choose. Here are some important things to look for when dropping the big bucks for a certification course:

  1. Is it an accredited/internationally recognized school? (Make sure to GTS: “Google that shit”)
    1. Most accredited schools serve a 4 week intensive course with at least 100 hours coursework and 6 hours live teaching practice.
  2. Do they offer job placement or job assistance after the course?
    1. If the company is trying to charge you extra for job assistance/placement, that brings up a red flag for me. This typically should be included in the course price.
  3. Who will be instructing the course? What are their credentials?
    1. Any legitimate company will have this listed on their site or someone you can contact with these sorts of questions.

Is an online course better than an in-class course or vise versa?

I knew that I did not want to take an online course, simply because I don’t like learning that way. I like being in an actual classroom and having a live instructor there to teach you, talk to you and answer your questions.

Hence, my recommendation would be to take an in-class course. Of course, this is a completely personal decision, some of you may prefer online. You are the best judge of which way of learning fits you the most.

So the ultimate question, which course should you take?

I wish that I could take all the thousands of TEFL courses out there and tell you, from personal experience, which was my favorite−but obviously this isn’t the case.  I too was in your exact spot and could only choose one.

However, I can vouch for the course I took−it was awesome! If you are going to Thailand, definitely check out TEFL Campus Phuket. Not only is it one of the most respected institutions on the island but I truly enjoyed this course. Eric and Simon (the instructors) are awesome! What I loved is that you didn’t just learn teaching methods and how to prepare lesson plans. You actually prepared lesson plans and taught classes at the institution (and you instructor observed your classes and gave you feedback/critiques on your teaching.) Also, after the course they were so great in helping me find a job on the island. They helped in any way that they could. My instructors actually called people they knew at schools and put in recommendations for me. They also went as far as letting me come back to the school and print materials I needed for my demo lessons during the interview process. (To read more about demo lessons, click here.)

I would highly recommend the course to anyone and you should definitely check it out if you’re going to Thailand. (

However, if you aren’t going to Thailand (and since I can’t vouch for any other companies) here are some of my tips/advice for choosing the right TEFL certification course:

1. Is the financial investment worth it, are you getting what you pay for?

Remember my tips from above (is it an accredited school, do they offer job assistance/guidance, who is teaching the course.)

2. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

  • Any legitimate/accredited school will have the answers for you. If you aren’t getting answers to questions you have, chances are it isn’t a great choice.  Trust your gut.

3. Asses your needs, desires and what you want to take away from your course in order to choose the course that is best fit for you.

Please comment below with what companies you are looking into or any further questions! Also, if you’ve already taken your TEFL, which company did you choose?