Living Abroad Again, España Style…

Thailand you were great.
You were actually more than great.
But now it’s on to new territory.

“Wow, I cannot believe that I leave for Spain tomorrow! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Words cannot describe how stoked I am for this amazing adventure that awaits me. I cannot wait to get there!” 

This quote is from an old blog I had when I did my study abroad in España in 2010. I found myself looking back on my old blog post appropriately titled “Anticipation” as I am here writing another “Spain Anticipation” post.

España clearly stole my heart since I’ve decided to make this great country my place of residence once again. My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of getting to Spain (flying standby) which I find funny and somewhat ironic as this is a very similar experience with my last time I was headed to Spain in 2010.

My 2010 experience trying to get to Spain went something like this…

  • 5 days
  • 5 different airports
  • 3 challenging overnight stays in random cities
  • 1 VERY lost suitcase
  • 1 broken down bus
  • 2 mental breakdowns (at least)

Although getting to Spain this time around hasn’t been quite as hellish we are still having some standby woes. We were originally supposed to leave for Spain 4 days ago but unfortunately flights have been terrible. Now (fingers crossed) we are scheduled to leave tomorrow. Which finds me saying old quotes like “Wow, I can’t believe I leave for Spain tomorrow!”

Guess I’ve truly come full circle.

Things I’m anticipating and excited for this time around…

  • Working on my Spanish fluency (a life-long goal I’ve yet to achieve)
  • My second time teaching English abroad
  • Being back in a country that hosts one of my favorite cultures (siestas, tapas y vino..oh my)
  • Living near the ocean again
  • Did I already mention siestas?
  • Getting to explore the Southern part of Spain
  • Returning to Europe for the first time in almost 6 years

This list could definitely keep going but I’ll keep it to the basics to avoid boring you too much. I’ve officially been packed and ready to go for 4 days now, so all that’s left to do is get on the plane. EEEK.

Sorry I had to have a mini freak out moment.

Oh yeah and incase you are wondering where will we be living, here is a little preview.

Malaga Spain
Image Credit

See you soon España…

Also, please comment below if you’ve ever visited Spain. I would love to hear some suggestions of things I must see!

3 Responses to Living Abroad Again, España Style…

  1. Lizabeth Coleman says:

    you will be missed!! i better read and see all your adventures weekly if not more!!! xoxox be safe!

  2. Lizabeth Coleman says:

    oh ya I LOVE YOU!!

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