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Luang Prabang | When I First “Fell” for Laos

Luang Prabang was our first stop when visiting Laos. Luang Prabang is a charming little town in Northern Laos running alongside the Mekong river. This little town’s charm is active daily from the picturesque morning march of the Buddhist Monks (over 100 monks all in bright orange robes) to the vibrant nightly street market.

However, DON’T GO TO LAOS IN APRIL. We made this foolish mistake. Unfortunately, April is the season when all the Lao People burn their crops to get them ready for the new season. Meaning the sky is filled with smog and smoke. You could be standing on a gorgeous cliffside and see about 3 feet in front of you, not pretty. Not to mention the random fires that you see all over the place burning the beautiful landscape. At one point we were driving along a winding road and directly to the left of us, the mountain was on fire. Not kidding. There were orange thrashing, violent flames inches from our van. You could feel the heat of the fire through the van—it was a tad bit unnerving to say the least.

Anyway, moral of the story…
DO go to Laos—DON’T go in April.

Now if the charming little description of Luang Prabang didn’t grab your attention earlier, let this picture do the trick.
Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang

Feel like visiting now? You should. These would be the stunning Kuang Si Falls just outside of Luang Prabang. These beauties are a definite must see if visiting Laos.

These are some of the most interesting, beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. We visited Kuang Si Falls our first day in Luang Prabang. Of course we opted for renting motorbikes and driving to the the falls ourselves (much better than taking a tour in my opinion.) This way you can spend as much time or as little time as you’d like at the falls. Kuang Si Falls

And although beautiful, these falls aren’t just meant to be admired. They are also a blast to play in.
Kuang Si Falls

We spent the entire day exploring, swimming and playing at the falls. We stayed all the way until sunset, it was a glorious day.
Kuang Si Falls
Kuang Si Falls
Kuang Si Falls

Have you ever visited Luang Prabang? What was your favorite part?