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5 Must Sees from Yellowstone National Park

Now onto the second half of our adventure visiting Yellowstone National Park. If you missed our first half, check it out here: Grand Teton National Park.

Leaving Grand Teton and entering Yellowstone you immediately see immensely different terrain. All of the sudden you see steam popping up from multiple areas all around you. You start realizing you are essentially standing on a giant volcano. One that is overdue for an eruption. It is somewhat eery if you think about it too much. Eery yet wildly fascinating — that’s Yellowstone.

Apart from the amazing hydrothermal features, Yellowstone is well known for its vast wildlife and boy did we see some great wildlife. We saw grizzly bears, wolves, bison, elk, antelope, deer, a pine marten, pikas, a bald eagle, a great grey owl, ospreys, red-tailed hawks and peregrine falcons….just to name a few.

My 5 “must sees” from Yellowstone…

Boiling River
This made my favorites because it is the only hot spring in Yellowstone that you can swim in. It is literally a boiling river and it is rad. It is located at the North end of the park in the Mammoth area.

Lower Falls Trail and Uncle Tom’s Trail
These are two different hikes that both give you views of the Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We decided to do them both so we could see the falls from different angles (that’s really the only difference.) Both are fairly easy hikes with spectacular views and well worth it in my book.

Lower Falls Yellowstone

View from Lower Falls Trail


View from Uncle Tom’s Trail

Norris Geysers & West Thumb Geysers
These were my two favorite hot springs we visited. There are so many different ones to see and choose from, but these two definitely trumped for my two favorites.

Norris was one of the first ones we went to (which is maybe why I liked it so much) but beyond that I feel that this geyser basin had a good variety to offer. From fumaroles, erupting geysers, mud pots and the colored pots, Norris seemed to have it all.  Also because all the pools at Norris are acidic it is a great place to go see pots with differentiating colors.  If you go, be sure to do both Back Basin Loop and Porcelain Basin Loop as I think they are both well worth seeing.

Norris Geysers Yellowstone

Norris Geyser Basin (Porcelain Basin Loop)

West Thumb is definitely a geyser basin not to be missed. It is very unique from all of the other hot springs because it overlooks Yellowstone Lake. Even if there weren’t any geothermal pools here it would still be a beautiful stroll. Not to mention it houses some seriously cool hot springs. One of my favorites was the Fishing Cone Geyser. This badass geyser looks like a mini volcano in the lake. It is said that mountain men used to fish standing on the side of the cone, then dip the fish straight from the hook into the boiling geyser pot to cook. Pretty rad right?

Fishing Cone

Fishing Cone Geyser

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Have you ever visited Yellowstone National Park? What are some of your favorites?