Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

When I first heard about the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, I was very hesitant to go. Tranquilized, abused tigers? No thanks.

However, I am so glad that I took those opinions with a grain of salt and still decided to go. Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai was one of the coolest experiences in my life. If you are questioning whether to go or not, i’d say go. I did not feel that these tigers were tranquilized or mistreated. Many of the tigers were up playing and roaming and all of the keepers seemed to care for the animals.

For those of you who don’t know what Tiger Kingdom is here is a little preview:


Want to go inside an encounter with 10-12 fully grown tigers and pet them, chill with them and just hang out with them? That’s what you get at Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai. Terrifying, I know, but when you get to see these magnificent animals up close it will all be worth it.

When I first arrived, I was rather hesitant. I saw many of the tigers sleeping and I was worried that they were drugged and that I wasn’t going to like what I saw. However, when we went in the cage I got an entirely different vibe. We decided to start with the medium sized tigers (2-3 months old) first rather than jumping right into the big guys. This little guy here was REALLY playful. It was a little bit unnerving. The caretaker that took us into the encounter told us that it may be difficult to get a picture with this little guy because he was in a playful mood. The keeper said that he cannot control him when he is this playful. Hence, this is the best picture we got.

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

The ones that were asleep were a little easier to get your picture taken with.

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Then next was onto the big guys. To say I was nervous to enter the cage is the understatement of the year.
Tiger Kingdom Chaing Mai
Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai
Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

At one point two tigers started playing right behind us. It was terrifying yet amazingly cool to watch.
Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai
Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai was a wonderful, unique experience for me. I can only vouch for Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, I cannot vouch for any other place. I know there are not so great tiger “sanctuaries” out there.

Either way I know many have a hard time with animals being kept in captivity just so tourists can get a photo with them. I completely get that.

Alli from The Vintage Postcard hit the nail on the head with this quote from her post ROAR! Why I Give Tiger Kingdom a Thumbs Up:

“Is being swarmed by hundreds of humans the ideal life for a tiger? No, it isn’t. Tigers are still able to live in captivity for protection without being a tourist attraction. But without the added layer of the tourists, there would be nothing funding the food, shelter, medications, and vigorous upkeep for these animals.”
“At the end of the day Tiger Kingdom is a tourist destination, but if they are genuinely breeding and protecting these magnificent creatures, then I am okay with supporting that.”

Have you ever been to Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai? What were your thoughts on the experience?

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  1. yvonnelaura says:

    Amazing! Love your photos as well, very creative;-) Tigers are such majestic animals, I would love to pet them. However, it looks scary. I believe that a friend of mine went to the same tiger kingdom as you!
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